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Our outsource partnerships provide complete, expert, cost-effective solutions for all of your software development needs in an open, honest environment.

Software Development

Exceptional Software Development Services for all platforms in web and mobile applications providing intuitive, polished user experience.

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Our developers will bring your mobile app vision to life with their expertise in technologies like AI, ML, VR, React Native, Flutter and many more.

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Choose one resource or a team of resources with a dedicated Project Manager to work in your environment, with your existing team at your convenience.

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Our experienced software developers will help you map and design your product, then construct and refine your application into a market-ready final product.

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Our full-stack development teams will help you build robust, secure, lighting-fast applications from front to back using technologies like Node.JS, LAMP, MEAN stack, Java, Python, Ruby and more

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Transform your business using state-of-the art software development engineering for business relevancy and optimization.

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Build decentralized digital transaction ledgers using platforms like BigChainDB, Corda, HydraChain, Openchain and more.

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Our development teams are skilled and experienced in AI application development on platforms like Microsoft Azure, Rainbird, Infosys Nia and many more.

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Our DevOps experts ensure smooth communication flow and collaboration between development and IT operations, enabling rapid, glitch-free delivery.

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since 2007

For the past 11 years, Optimal Technology has provided intelligent, end-to-end, cost-effective software development solutions to our partners around the world. Our experienced, expert development teams help our partners to grow their businesses and streamline their operations.

Startups, Digital Agencies, Established E-Commerce Businesses and Government Agencies who demand the very best form their Indian IT Outsource Partner employ our IT professionals to deliver solutions for any and all of their development needs.

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You can rest easy when you outsource your software development needs to Optimal Technology. Our development teams have a proven track record of delivering to YOUR specifications ON TIME. With our dedicated resources you’re in control to scale up or down and make changes according to your business requirements with our flexible, agile developers.

Some other factors that make us one of the top IT Outsource Partners in India:





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Our offshore software development teams are skilled in all technologies and keep abreast of all of the latest developments. Their comprehensive knowledge ensures that they will develop your project using the most secure, scalable and cost-effective software and platforms available today.


Being one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in the world, we provide industry orientated software development services, along with target focused project management. With easy communication between clients, project managers, and software developers we are able to deliver successful and cost-effective solutions in various sectors, using various technologies.


With experience in the healthcare domain, our developers are able to build economical, quality focused apps that are suited for small to large scale businesses.

  • CDMS (Chronic disease management systems)
  • Complex data visualization through VR
  • GEO based AR apps for mobiles
  • Photorealistic renders & reports
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Our developers understand the consent demand from users in any travel related application. They are able to create good looking applications with great interfaces for both users and partners.

  • GEO based AI apps for mobiles
  • Ticketing, booking, reservations, payments
  • Seat booking, auto check-in, food selection
  • High-quality user face
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Finance & Banking Software

With a lot of experience in the banking industry, our software developers are able to build user-friendly apps that have flawless security features at bare minimum costs. By giving the user a secure and easy user experience they are able to increase app usage. Our team has successfully built apps for:

  • Payment gateways & POS
  • Mobile banking and corporate banking apps
  • Comparison apps for the banking industry
  • BBlockchain & crypto wallets
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Logistic & Transportation

Whether yours is a large scale industry or a small business, the importance of logistics and transportation cannot be overlooked. With experience and expertise in the Logistics and Transportation domain, our team builds app solutions that are not only economical but user-friendly and detailed.

  • Geo tracking services
  • Electronic verifications and mobile scanners
  • High-quality vehicle dealership apps
  • Digital POD through secured cloud storages
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E-commerce & Retail

The e-commerce industry is one of the most competitive industries. To succeed here one has to stand out, our team of highly skilled developers is here to help you do that. With good looking, user-friendly websites and mobile apps, our team is able to give you an upper hand.

  • Shopping sites with excellent store navigation
  • Chatbots for quick customer service
  • Payment gateways and wallets
  • High-quality user-friendly interface
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Media & Entertainment

In recent years, this industry has almost completely moved online. Our team of highly skilled and trained software developers can build your dream project. Whether it is an in-house networking app or a full-fledged media empire like youtube, facebook, etc our team is here to deliver a good looking, user-friendly app solution.

  • CRM, Brand management solutions
  • Music, video and sports apps
  • Event management
  • Social networking solutions
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E-learning & Education

With a lot of experience in creating an end to end learning system management solutions, our software development team has built multiple successful, user-friendly apps for the education sector.

  • Online book reading apps
  • Teaching blogs and video apps
  • Feedback loops apps that use AI
  • E-learning social networking
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ISVS & Product Development

Our software development team has experience creating economical, result orientated, quality software solutions for independent software vendors. Our software development team has worked with various industries and departments, to create customized solutions for them.

  • HR, accounts and payroll service apps
  • AI learning data management apps
  • Taxi bookings and tracking apps
  • Apps for storage and cleaning services
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Digital Marketing

All online businesses need some kind of digital marketing assistance. Our software development team have experience in building apps that are user-friendly that help to track your online business. By keeping a track of your online business you can focus on the required area and grow your business further.

  • Website auditing apps
  • User behavior data analysis
  • Conversion rates, bounce rates
  • Website load speeds & detailed reports
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With over 3000 satisfied clients worldwide, we have developed apps for various scale industries, right from large scale enterprises to small in house businesses. With a success rate of over 98 percent, we have been able to retain and grow our partnerships with these clients.

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Client Testimonials

Still not convinced? See what our customers are saying..


“As a marketing director for a digital agency in Melbourne, I have a number of clients in the data Science, IT, web and mobile app development sectors and I’ve experimented with outsourcing in the past. Frankly I was disappointed with the experience, but when I was approached by Ronnie at Optimal Technology I was impressed with his professionalism and his industry knowledge. I decided to give outsourcing one last shot, and I’m glad I did. I started with one full time Java developer and now I have three full time developers from Optimal. The experience has been hassle-free with basically plug-and-play resources and I’ll be hiring more in the near future. If you’re in the market for outsourced software developers, I can recommend them without reservation.”

Clint Bowers

Reese Digital Solutions, Melbourne

If you work as I do in the digital marketing space, you’ve probably been approached by multitudes of outsourcing companies. I’ve been reluctant engage any outsource agencies because I’ve heard about some bad experiences endured by a few of my colleagues. I came to a point, however that I need an instant solution for a client that was building an eCommerce site that required massive transaction storage, complex buying options and air-tight security. After a long search I came across Optimal Technology and made an enquiry. Joe called me back and I was surprised at his overall knowledge and understanding. When I explained that I needed full stack ROR developer YESTERDAY, he arranged an interview for me the very next day. I was able to hire my developer within 72 hours and get him on the job! The project was a success and Optimal is still handling the site maintenance and updates. I’ll be hiring more resources soon.
Being in the digital media space I am constantly approached by companies offering a range of services, but Optimal has been one of the very few that made it past the first barrier and I put that down to their unique approach. Ronnie understands that business relationships are not built on one interaction and works hard to build trust before conducting business and that makes him a standout amongst the crowd. For businesses looking for support services, I would encourage them to speak to Ronnie with an open mind and find out for themselves if Optimal is a good fit for their business.

Ellen Stein

I’m Stein Online Services, Birmingham

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Frequently asked questions

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Why should I choose an Indian outsourcing company?

India has a large list of IT outsourcing companies, because of which there is a lot of competition, this leads to higher quality work at lower costs.

Why should I choose an Indian outsourcing company?

India has a large list of IT outsourcing companies, because of which there is a lot of competition, this leads to higher quality work at lower costs.

Which outsourcing company should I go with?

As there are a lot of companies to choose from, you should look at a few things before deciding on a company.
1) Years in the industry- You want to deal with a company that has a number of years in the industry.
2) Case studies- You should be able to read detailed case studies to see if they have hands-on experience in what you require.
3) The number of technologies- See the number of experts they have on various technologies.
4) The number of employees- A bigger pool of employees is always a good sign.
5) Hiring process- See how involved will you be while hiring the developer to work on your project.
6) Work culture- A relaxed but professional work culture is something you should look for.
7) Availability- They should be available according to your time zone

Why is a software development company better than a freelancer?

1) Years of experience
2) Technologies they work on
3) Work hours and culture
4) Their past project works